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The FleetQi™ Classic/Stinger Pro Mobile App Features

  • Mobile Access

    Wireless vehicle activation/deactivation.

  • Vehicle Identification

    Bluetooth location and connection.

  • Battery Power Monitor

    Digital vehicle power level.

  • "One Click" Control

    One handshake connection enables  code-free activation.

FleetQi™ Classic/Stinger Pro Mobile App Quick Reference Guide

Step One

Get the “FleetQi™ Classic/Stinger Pro” mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

Step Two

Enter your name and email.
An access code will be sent to the email. This code activates the app.

Step Three

Your app will remind you to activate your smartphone’s Bluetooth if it’s off.

Step Four

Your app will search for nearby Stingers. Tap on your FleetQi™/Stinger’s number.

Step Five

Enter your 8 digit mastercode to pair your smartphone and FleetQi™/Stinger.

Step Six

Press the START/STOP button for FleetQi™/Stinger activation
without needing to enter your usercode.

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