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XiQ is a Comcast backed team creating smart city, smart fleet, alternative transportation and clean energy vehicle technology. 

What Drives Us?

We like tech. We love people. Therefore, we create technological solutions that help people. Our goal is to empower customers with tools to engage their assets. The essence of this engagement is human experience. We work to include humans in a more efficient keyless lifestyle. We’re driven to enable the evolution of human inclusion with innovation. We believe people should have control over their things to enhance work, play and life. Not the other way around.  

Mission Statement

Our intelligence favors efficiency. Our strategy reflects simplicity. Our goal isn't purely about convincing you to say yes. It is more about making it difficult for you to say no.

Team XIQ

Karlos Walkes - CEO XIQ
Karlos Walkes
CEO and Co-Founder
Florian Meier
Florian Meier
CTO and Co-Founder