Transform your golf cart into a smart cart with the FleetQi™!

A patented digital key that easily replaces the conventional key ignition to enable keyless control of your cart

What is the FleetQi™?

The FleetQi™ (Formerly known as the Stinger Classic) keyless remote starter is the premier smart device that replaces conventional ignitions on the following electric carts: Club Car Precedent, Club Car Onward, and Yamaha Drive 2

  • Replace Your Key

    No more lost time or money replacing or searching for lost keys.

  • Pin Activated Ignition

    Restrict access to cart control with a secure programmable 4-digit user code.

  • Digital Battery Guide

    It uses cart power so there's no need to change FleetQi™ batteries. Monitor power levels with a light meter display guide.

  • Bluetooth Enabled

    Enjoy the wireless convenience of
    "one-click" cart activation with the free mobile app.

Product Overview

The FleetQi™ keyless remote starter is fully patented technology designed to operate cart ignitions and monitor battery power levels. Please install exactly as directed. Do not attempt to connect the FleetQi™ in series to other accessories such as speakers, lights, voltage regulators, etc. Doing so will hinder or prevent optimum FleetQi™ performance. The FleetQi™ battery meter is designed to give helpful power level readings for your electric cart. Various cart makes and models have differing power configurations that result in slight readout inconsistencies. Although we strive to provide as accurate a reading as possible, the battery meter should be used as a guide. As you gain more experience with your FleetQi™, you'll be able to understand better meter accuracy as you determine which readouts coincide with your particular cart's power levels. NOT FOR USE WITH LITHIUM ION CARTS.

Customer Testimonials

We're now working hand in hand with XiQ. It was really an introduction to technology we didn't even have on our radar.

We purchased FleetQ™ for our new carts. Within one week of installation, the FleetQi™ prevented the possible theft of our valuable property. We can definitely see the return on our investment.

The FleetQi™ is the most innovative golf car option in the market to date. This is the future of the industry and XiQ has the solutions.

ClubBuy, the group purchasing program under NBC Sports Next, has partnered with XiQ to launch the FleetQi™ as one of its newest product offerings!

The "Qi" was the best find ever! No more carrying keys to be lost, or go "find" when you need them! It is one of the best things we have added and the security it has provided, worth every penny!"

FleetQi™ is one of the solutions we have chosen for our digital boats. During the period of 2021, the boats have been rented out over 600 times and started/stopped over 2000 times without a single problem. We can strongly recommend FleetQi™

Comcast Backed. Made in the USA!

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