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The FleetQi™ is designed to operate cart ignitions and monitor battery power levels only. Therefore, it performs best under the specific set of conditions described in the installation process. Please install exactly as directed. DO NOT attempt to connect the FleetQi™ in series to other accessories such as speakers, lights, voltage regulators, etc. Doing so will hinder or prevent optimum FleetQi™ performance.

Most golf carts have either 12 Volt or 8 Volt batteries. If you purchased a FleetQi™ after the fall of 2019, then there's no need to be concerned about battery configuration.

If you purchased a FleetQi™ before fall 2019, then it works off of a 12 Volt or 16 Volt battery. If you’re using 8 Volt batteries, please put two 8 Volt batteries in series to create 16 Volts. The same applies to 6 Volt batteries. Put two 6 Volt batteries in series to create 12 Volts. Then your FleetQi™ will function properly.

DO NOT attempt disconnection of ANY FleetQi™ wire connectors. These carefully-sealed connectors are engineered, designed and factory fastened to maintain connection throughout the FleetQi™ lifetime. Wire connector tampering or disconnection will result in FleetQi™ malfunction and voiding of the manufacturer warranty. Should disconnection occur for any reason, pleased contact us immediately at 1-800-485-1XiQ (1947)!